East Point Church desires to be a place committed to the biblical and gospel-centered worship of God. 

Without a doubt, God calls his people out of the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of Christ for the express purpose of worshiping Him (1Pet.2:9). God desires worship because He knows that it is a glory for Him and good for His people. It is what we and all things are created to do. 

And while all of life is an expression of worship, at East Point Church we desire to encourage lifestyle worship by a weekly Lord’s Day Worship service that seeks to encourage a desire for God in His people. 

We seek a worship service that delights in the truth of God (John 4:24). It is our desire to worship as God desires to be worshipped; to say about God what God has said about himself. We strive to have our songs, prayers, and sermons speak of Christ and not ourselves (2Cor.4:5). With this in mind, we seek worship that is rooted in the past; relevant with the present; reaching to the future.