the main point

East Point Church began in March of 2008 with a vision to grow disciples and spread the gospel of Jesus on the southside of Atlanta. On that evening a small group of believers gathered together to pray to God and trust him for a vision of the glory of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Today that vision has not changed. East Point Church desires to be a place unwaveringly committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ. We seek the glory of God in all things, and the good of His people by it. 

We believe the gospel makes all the difference. The power of God in Christ Jesus in triumphing over sin and Satan is the essence of everything we are and everything we preach (Rom.1:16). 

The gospel is the most urgent need of every person on the face of the earth (believer and unbeliever) and thus we seek to make it the cornerstone of all aspects of our ministry. 

The life of Jesus Christ in perfect obedience to the law and will of God, and the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ as perfect satisfaction for sin to the glory of God, is the substance of our message. Jesus Christ saves sinners. As sinners, the gospel is our hope and the cornerstone of our joy. The reason East Point Church exists is to make the glory of the Gospel of Jesus Christ known in East Point, greater Atlanta, and around the world.