Our Sunday School classes are currently on break for the summer and will resume on August 25, 2024.

Our curriculum thsi year is from The Gospel Project for Kids.

Each Volume is divided into three Units, and each unit is divided into weekly Lessons. Our Scripture Memory Verse and Big Picture Question will change with each Unit.

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UNITS 7-9   |   SPRING 2024

  • God Used Samson

    Watch the Bible story video or read all or parts of Judges 13–16 from the Bible.

    READ:  In Have you ever been in the kitchen when your mom is icing a cake that smells and looks delicious? You’d give anything just for a bite, and then it happens—she lets you lick the icing off the utensils! As good as licking the icing is, it’s still nothing like getting to enjoy the whole cake. The icing is just a taste of something that will be better later.

    In the story of Samson, we can clearly see details that remind us of Jesus’ story: Samson’s birth was announced by an angel, he was betrayed with a kiss for pieces of silver, he was arrested and mocked, and his death freed people from their captivity. But in the end, Samson wasn’t perfect; therefore, his death didn’t give the people complete salvation. Only Jesus could do that!

    The freedom the people found in Samson’s death was just a taste of the greater freedom that comes through Jesus. Through His death, we can have complete forgiveness and salvation. There is no sweeter name than the name of Jesus. 

    Samson’s sin led to his own death, but God used his death to save the Israelites from their enemies. Samson’s story reminds us of Jesus. Jesus never sinned, but God sent Him to die on the cross and rise again to rescue people from sin and give them eternal life.

    PRAY:  God, thank You for giving us glimpses of Your plan through stories like Samson’s. Every story points us to the greatest story of how You sent Jesus to save everyone who believes in Him!


    Big Picture Question: What is the fair payment for sin?  

    The fair payment for sin is death.

    Scripture Memory:  Romans 6:23

    For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

  • The People Kept Sinning

    Watch the Bible story video or read all or parts of Judges 2 from the Bible.

    READ:  In 1998, five countries worked together to launch the International Space Station. It orbits Earth approximately 15 times per day, collecting data for research. It’s been flying the same path around the planet for 24 years. If you do the math, this means the International Space Station has circled the planet more than 131,000 times. Talk about going around in circles!

    After Joshua died, the next generation of Israelites forgot about the wondrous works God had done. For many years after that, the people followed the same devastating path of sin. Over and over again, the Israelites forgot God, turned away from God, and then cried out “God save us!” Each time, God sent a judge to deliver his people and save them from their enemy. But the cycle of sin kept going around and around.

    This same cycle is in our lives. We have sinned and turned away from God. When we realize how sin separates us from God, we should cry out “Save us!” Glory to God that He has heard those cries for help! He sent Jesus to die on the cross for our sin and be the perfect Deliverer! Only Jesus has the power to defeat sin. He is the better rescuer who can deliver us from the cycle of sin. 

    The judges saved the people from the consequences of their sin, but not the cause of it. God’s plan was to one day send a true Deliverer—Jesus, His own Son—to be the King of His people. Jesus saves people from sin forever.

    PRAY:  Jesus, thank You for being the Rescuer we need! Only You can save us from our sins. Help us to remember Your works and help us to follow You as King.


    Big Picture Question: What is the fair payment for sin?  

    The fair payment for sin is death.

    Scripture Memory:  Romans 6:23

    For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.


    God’s people were in the promised land, but not all was well. Generation after generation continued a cycle of sin with troubling consequences. Because God is just and holy, He did not allow His people’s sin to go unchecked. Because He is also loving and gracious, He provided forgiveness through repentance.

    Big Picture Question

    What is the fair payment for sin? 

    Answer: The fair payment for sin is death.

    Scripture Memory Verse

    Romans 6:23

    For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

  • God's Miracles Prove Who He Is

    Watch the Bible story video or read all or parts of Mark 16 from the Bible.

    READ:  In the 1980 Winter Olympics, the United States hockey team was up against the powerhouse Russian hockey team, who had won every gold medal for the previous 16 years! The Russian team seemed unbeatable, but the U.S. team was in the lead as the final minutes of the match ticked down. As the final buzzer sounded and the U.S. team claimed the unexpected victory, announcer Al Michaels shouted, “Do you believe in miracles? Yes!”

    While that was just a hockey game, the question does make us think of the greatest miracle of all time—the resurrection of Jesus! On the third day after Jesus’ death and burial, Mary Magdalene and the other Mary went to the tomb. Suddenly an angel of the Lord rolled back the stone. The angel spoke to the women, “Don’t be afraid! Jesus is not here. He has risen, just like He said He would.” At this announcement, the woman ran to share the good news with the other disciples.

    The death and resurrection of Jesus are at the center of the gospel. We deserve to die because of our sin, but Jesus died in our place. Because Jesus is alive, we do not need to fear anything. Those who trust in Jesus have forgiveness and eternal life, and He helps them to joyfully obey Him. Now that’s a miracle worth believing!

    Jesus died on the cross for our sins, but He didn’t stay dead. God was pleased with Jesus’ sacrifice and miraculously raised Jesus from the dead to prove He is the Son of God and salvation is found in Him.

    PRAY:  Lord, thank You for the miracle of Jesus’ resurrection and the hope it gives to the world. Help us to believe in Him so that we can experience the miracle of salvation—when You bring us from death to life.


    Big Picture Question: What is a miracle?  

    A miracle is something God does that usually cannot be done so that we can know He is all-powerful.

    adapted for younger kids: A miracle is something God does that usually cannot be done.

    Scripture Memory:  Psalm 77:14

    You are the God who works wonders; you revealed your strength among the peoples. 

  • Joshua Challenged the People

    Watch the Bible story video or read all or parts of Joshua 23–24 from the Bible.

    READ:  Here’s a quick challenge: make a list of all the gifts your family has ever given you. Try to remember as many gifts as you can from birthdays, Christmas, or other special occasions. As you look over the list of gifts that show how much your family loves you, you likely find your love for them growing bigger and bigger.

    Remembering the ways others have shown love to us naturally makes our love for them grow. When Joshua came to the end of his life, he took time to recall all the ways God had shown love to him and the Israelites. Joshua reminded the Israelites how God had rescued them out of Egypt, brought them across the Red Sea on dry land, and helped them to win so many battles. God had shown His faithful love to Israel over and over again. 

    As they remembered the ways God had shown His love, Joshua urged the people to give thanks by worshiping and obeying God. Their obedience would be a sign that they remembered everything God had done. It would be an act of worship to the God who had shown them such great love!

    As Joshua prepared for his own death, he left behind a legacy of obedience to God. After Jesus’ death and resurrection, He appeared to the disciples and left them with a legacy: to obey Him by making disciples of all nations.

    PRAY:  God, help us remember all the ways You have shown love to us. When we think of those things, help us respond by loving You with our trust and our obedience. Thank You for loving us through Jesus and helping us to find our hope in Him.


    Big Picture Question: What is a miracle?  

    A miracle is something God does that usually cannot be done so that we can know He is all-powerful.

    adapted for younger kids: A miracle is something God does that usually cannot be done.

    Scripture Memory:  Psalm 77:14

    You are the God who works wonders; you revealed your strength among the peoples. 

  • God Gave the People the Land

    Watch the Bible story video or read all or parts of Joshua 7-11 from the Bible.

    READ:  Derek Redmond was ready to run the 400-meter race at the 1992 Olympic Games. He was one of the favorites to win the race. Halfway through the race, Derek fell to the ground with an injured hamstring that made it impossible to run. He stood up and attempted to limp toward the finish line. Derek’s father, Jim, came from the crowd, lifted his son on his shoulder, and helped him finish the race. When he needed it the most, Derek’s father was there to help.

    God had promised victory for the Israelite army. As Joshua and the Israelites fought the five kings’ armies, the Lord was with them. And when they needed it the most, God was there to help. When Joshua prayed, God made the sun stand still and allowed the Israelites to conquer the enemy armies. Like a father who comes to help his children, God fought for His people and gave them the land He had promised.

    Joshua’s name means “The LORD is salvation.” God fought for Joshua and the Israelites, saving them, and giving them victory over their enemies. Sinners can look to God for victory over sin and death. God brought us salvation by sending His Son, Jesus, to die on the cross and rise again.

    PRAY: God, we know that You are a loving Father. You love Your children and always want to help them in their time of need. We praise You because You saw our greatest need was salvation, and You sent Jesus to be the Savior we needed.


    Big Picture Question: What is a miracle?  

    A miracle is something God does that usually cannot be done so that we can know He is all-powerful.

    adapted for younger kids: A miracle is something God does that usually cannot be done.

    Scripture Memory:  Psalm 77:14

    You are the God who works wonders; you revealed your strength among the peoples. 

  • God Defeated Jericho

    Watch the Bible story video or read all or parts of Joshua 2-6 from the Bible.

    READ:  Have you ever seen or participated in a trust fall? This is when a person stands in a chair and falls backward into the arms of a few people waiting to catch them. It’s a pretty scary adventure for sure! One way to make the trust fall easier is to select people you know can be trusted to catch you—like your parents. Falling backward to them is easier because you know they love you and want to protect you.

    To enter the land God had promised them, the Israelites had to first take over the city of Jericho. This would not be an ordinary battle. This battle was all about trust. God gave Joshua specific—and very different—instructions for how to conquer the city.

    Joshua sent spies into Jericho to see what it was like. They were housed and protected by a woman named Rahab. In exchange for her kindness, Rahab asked the Israelites to keep her safe when they conquered the city, so the spies promised to keep her and her family safe.

    Joshua and the Israelites followed God’s instructions by marching around the city once a day for six days. On the seventh day, the Israelite army marched around the city seven times and the priests blew their trumpets loudly. As the people shouted, the walls of Jericho fell to the ground. The whole city was destroyed, but Rahab and her family were saved.

    It can be hard for us to trust, especially when we don’t understand what God is doing. Even in those moments, we can know that God is good and that He is in control. The Israelites and Rahab trusted that God would win the battle, and He delivered! By faith, Rahab believed God would win the battle. When the Israelites attacked Jericho, Rahab and her family received mercy and became part of God’s people. Jesus has won against sin and death. Everyone who trusts in Jesus receives mercy and becomes part of God’s family forever.

    PRAY: Lord, help us to trust that You are good and always in control. We know that Your plans will never fail, and we thank you most of all for Your plan to send Jesus so that everyone who trusts in Him will be saved.


    Big Picture Question: What is a miracle?  

    A miracle is something God does that usually cannot be done so that we can know He is all-powerful.

    adapted for younger kids: A miracle is something God does that usually cannot be done.

    Scripture Memory:  Psalm 77:14

    You are the God who works wonders; you revealed your strength among the peoples. 


    Joshua and the Israelites saw God do what the previous generation had doubted: God went before them into the land and conquered their enemies through His wondrous works. At the end of his days, Joshua challenged the people to remember who God is and what He had done and worship only Him forevermore.

    Big Picture Question

    What is a miracle? 

    Answer: A miracle is something God does that usually cannot be done so that we can know He is all-powerful.

    adapted for younger kids: A miracle is something God does that usually cannot be done.

    Scripture Memory Verse

    Psalm 77:14

    You are the God who works wonders; you revealed your strength among the peoples. 

  • The Bible Helps Us Live for God

    Watch the Bible story video or read all or parts of 2 Timothy 3 from the Bible.

    READ:  To be best prepared for an emergency or disaster situation, the American Red Cross suggests every family constructs a survival kit. The list of items for a survival kit includes a two-week supply of food and water, first aid kit, flashlight, batteries, and emergency blankets. These and other suggested items for the kit can help your family make it through emergency situations.

    In his letter, Paul reminded his friend Timothy that the Bible is like a survival kit that contains everything we need to live for Jesus! Paul encouraged Timothy to remember everything he had learned from the Scriptures. Even when people persecuted Timothy, the Bible would give him strength to honor God and tell others about Jesus.

    The Bible contains everything we need to know Him. Best of all, it tells us how much He loves us and how He sent His Son to save us from our sin! Paul’s letter to Timothy reminds us that the Bible has everything we need to believe in Jesus, to obey Him, and to share Him with others. 

    Paul wrote to teach Timothy how to live for God. The Bible tells us about God’s plan for people to have forgiveness through His Son, Jesus. Jesus obeyed God’ s Word perfectly. We can follow Jesus’ example to read, believe, and obey the Bible as we live for God’s glory.

    PRAY:  God, thank You for the Bible which are Your words to us. Through Scripture, we can know who You are and how much You love us. Help us to believe what Your Word says about Jesus and help us trust in Him as Lord.


    Big Picture Question:  What is the Bible?  

    The Bible is God's Word that tells us what is true about God and ourselves.

    Scripture Memory:  Psalm 119:105

    Your word is a lamp for my feet and a light on my path.  

  • God Stopped the Jordan River

    Watch the Bible story video or read all or parts of Joshua 3-4 from the Bible.

    READ:  The Gateway Arch stands 630 feet tall over the city of St. Louis, Missouri. Built in 1963, the arch is made of concrete and steel, and it weighs more than 43 tons! This impressive monument is meant to remember and celebrate the westward expansion of the United States that connected the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. It is known as the “Gateway to the West.”

    Monuments like the Gateway Arch are meant to help people remember, but this idea is actually much older. After God miraculously stopped the Jordan River for the Israelites to pass through, He gave Joshua specific instructions for building a monument. The Israelites took 12 stones from the middle of the river, and they built a monument to remember what God had done. Whenever someone asked why those stones were there, the Israelites could retell the stories of their strong and mighty God.

    Psalm 78:4 says, “ ... tell a future generation the praiseworthy acts of the Lord, his might, and the wondrous works he has performed.” Remembering the awesome things God has done helps us to trust Him. We can also tell others about His wondrous works—like how He sent Jesus to save us from our sin—so that they might believe in Him.

    God went ahead of Joshua and the Israelites into the promised land. He showed His power to them so they would trust in Him. When Jesus came to earth, He showed His power so people would trust in Him and be saved from sin.

    PRAY: Lord, we praise You because You have done great things! Help us remember all the awesome things You have done and to share those stories with others to help them know You.


    Big Picture Question: What is the Bible?  

    The Bible is God's Word that tells us what is true about God and ourselves.

    Scripture Memory:  Psalm 119:105

    Your word is a lamp for my feet and a light on my path.  

  • God Encouraged Joshua

    Watch the Bible story video or read all or parts of Joshua 1 from the Bible.

    READ:  Do you remember learning to ride a bike? It can be a scary experience because we’re afraid of falling, getting hurt, or just looking silly in front of our friends. The biggest comfort when learning to ride a bike is knowing that your parent or someone else you trust is running alongside you and holding onto the bike. You feel fearless if you know they are with you!

    After Moses died, Joshua was chosen to be the new leader for the Israelites. There were a lot of reasons for Joshua to be afraid. The Israelites were near the land God had promised, but they had to cross the Jordan River and face the people who lived in the land. Even in all the fear, Joshua led with courage because he knew God was with him! Like the comfort of your parent running alongside you, Joshua had confidence that God would be with him and always keep His promise!

    We all feel scared or alone sometimes, but God has made us a promise too! God promises that anyone who calls on the name of Jesus will be saved! If we trust in Jesus as Lord, we are forgiven, accepted, and loved by God. All the courage and hope we need is found in Jesus! 

    God encouraged Joshua and promised to be with him as he led the Israelites into the promised land, where they would be victorious and find rest. We have victory over sin and rest for our souls in Jesus, who is with us always and leads us into the promised land of God’s kingdom.

    PRAY: God, thank You for Your promises. Thank You for loving Joshua and always being with him and for leading Your people into the promised land. Most of all, we thank You for Jesus and the promise that all who trust in Him will find forgiveness and rest in the promised land of Your kingdom.


    Big Picture Question: What is the Bible?  

    The Bible is God's Word that tells us what is true about God and ourselves.

    Scripture Memory:  Psalm 119:105

    Your word is a lamp for my feet and a light on my path.  


    When the next generation of God’s people, led by Joshua, returned back to the land of Canaan, God reminded them of His promises and that all of His words are true. Joshua and the Israelites would need to remember God’s Word, trust it, and live in obedience to it if they were to conquer the land.

    Big Picture Question

    What is the Bible? 

    Answer: The Bible is God's Word that tells us what is true about God and ourselves.

    Scripture Memory Verse

    Psalm 119:105

    Your word is a lamp for my feet and a light on my path. 



UNITS 4-6   |   WINTER 2024

  • No One is Like God

    Watch the Bible story video or read all or parts of 1 Peter 1 from the Bible.

    READ:  There are more than 85,000 Elvis Presley impersonators around the world. These individuals love Elvis so much that they dress up, perform concerts, and make public appearances as the late “King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.” It is humorous because some of the impersonators are children, some are women, and most look nothing like Elvis at all. There are thousands of impersonators, but there was only one Elvis.

    In his letter to Christians, Peter encouraged them to live as representatives of Jesus. He reminded them of God’s words to the Israelites that said, “be holy for I am holy.” Peter urged believers to see themselves as children of God and not to go back to living as they did before knowing Christ.

    There is only one God. He is holy, and those who place faith in Him are called to be holy too. The word holy means to be set apart and different from everyone else. Those who believe in Christ are given a new identity that is holy because He is holy. They also receive power and help to live in our new identity as impersonators of Jesus.

    No one is like God. God is holy, good, and loving. Jesus shows us what God is like and gives us hope. God can make us more like Jesus. We can trust Him and live joyfully for Him.

    PRAY: God, You are holy. There is no one like You. Help us know Jesus and to live in a way that helps others to know Him, too.

  • God Healed the People

    Watch the Bible story video or read all or parts of Numbers 21 from the Bible.

    READ:  In the early 1900s, there was no treatment for bacterial diseases that were killing millions of people. Then, in 1928, penicillin—a type of mold—was accidentally discovered to be exactly what was needed to save lives. This new medicine saved thousands of soldiers in World War II and it continues to be used as a primary treatment for bacterial infections today. There is no way to count the number of lives saved by this medicine.

    It probably sounds strange for people to use mold as a medicine, but not as strange as how God brought healing through a bronze snake. The Israelites continued to grumble and complain, even after all God had done for them. Finally, God had enough of their disobedience, so He sent judgment in the form of venomous snakes. Many of the people were bitten and died from the snakes. 

    The Israelites knew they had sinned and deserved God’s judgment, but they pleaded with Him to remove the snakes. God told Moses to make a bronze snake and mount it to a pole. If anyone looked at the snake, they would recover from the snake’s bite. God showed mercy to the Israelites by providing a way—as strange as it may sound—for them to be healed. 

    We all deserve to be punished for sin, and the ultimate punishment is death. God showed us mercy in an unexpected way by sending His own Son to suffer and die for our sin. God offers us the way to be healed through the sacrifice of Jesus. Anyone who looks to Him for salvation will be saved. That’s the good news of the gospel.

    God sent snakes to punish the people, but anyone who was bitten could look at the snake on the pole and live. We deserve to die because of our sin, but anyone who looks to Jesus on the cross and trusts in him will live forever with God.

    PRAY:  Lord, You are merciful and good. We thank You for sending Jesus to die in our place. Help us look to Him for our salvation and keep our eyes on Him as we live for Your glory.

  • Moses Disobeyed God

    Watch the Bible story video or read all or parts of Numbers 20 from the Bible.

    READ:  In 2011, a woman visiting the city of Bellevue, Washington, accidentally drove her car directly into a lake. While searching for her hotel after dark, the woman ignored the directions of the car’s navigation system, took a wrong turn, ended up on a boat ramp, and drove the car right into the water. The woman was safe, but the car was never able to be recovered from the lake. What a costly mistake.

    As the Israelites wandered in the wilderness, Moses disobeyed God, and it was a costly mistake. The Israelites continued to grumble and complain because the wilderness was not where they wanted to be. They were hungry, and they were thirsty. God told Moses and Aaron to go and speak to a rock, and it would produce water for the Israelites to drink. However, Moses told the people that he and Aaron would bring water from the rock. Then, Moses struck the rock with his staff and water came out. 

    The rock produced water for the people to drink, but Moses had disobeyed God’s directions. Moses sinned against God by trusting in his own ability and his own plan to give the people water. Because of their sin, God did not allow Moses and Aaron to lead the Israelites into the promised land.

    Sin is always costly. Whether big or small, any sin breaks our relationship with God. Our disobedience must be punished, but we see God’s mercy through Jesus. Jesus took the punishment for every sin, and He paid the cost for us. Only Jesus can cover our costly

    mistakes and rebellion.

    Moses disobeyed God and did not enter the promised land. We all have disobeyed God by sinning. But God gave us His Son, Jesus. Jesus always obeyed God. When we trust in Him, Jesus brings us into God’s kingdom forever.

    PRAY:  God, forgive us when we disobey You. We know that sin breaks our relationship with You, and it must be punished. We thank You for the mercy You’ve shown by sending Jesus to cover the cost of sin.

  • The People Didn't Go into the Land

    Watch the Bible story video or read all or parts of Numbers 13-14 from the Bible.

    READ:  M.C. Escher was an artist most known for his drawings that trick the eye. One of his most famous works, House of Stairs, shows multiple staircases that are connected yet appear to be going in different directions. Escher used different perspectives to make it seem impossible that these stairs could really exist, but the drawings are based on mathematics that actually make it possible. 

    When the 12 spies returned from inspecting the land God had promised them, they had a difference of perspective. All of the spies reported how plentiful the land was and even returned with a large cluster of grapes, but most were also afraid of the people who lived in the land. The people focused on the perspective of a land full of unbeatable enemies and failed to trust God. Even though God had delivered them time and time again, they complained that Moses had led them out of Egypt to die.

    Most of the spies believed it was impossible to defeat the people living in the land, but Joshua and Caleb believed that God makes all things possible. These two men urged the Israelites not to be afraid because God was with them. They believed that God would give them the land He had promised. 

    The people refused to listen, but because of their faith, Joshua, Caleb were allowed to enter the land of Canaan along with the children after wandering in the wilderness. What seemed impossible to many was possible with God. While it is impossible for us to save ourselves from the curse of sin, God has made salvation possible through Jesus. When we place our faith in Him, we receive the reward of eternal life that God has promised.

    The Israelites did not trust God. They rebelled against Him. Jesus trusted God perfectly. He came into the world to take the punishment we deserve for our own rebellion against God. When we trust in Jesus, God forgives our sin and invites us into His kingdom forever.

    PRAY:  Lord, help us keep our eyes on You. When something seems impossible, give us faith to believe that all things are possible with You. Thank You for sending Jesus and making forgiveness of sin possible through Him.


    When God’s people arrived at the border of the promised land, they did the unthinkable: they disbelieved God’s faithfulness and disobeyed His command by refusing to enter. As a result, God forced His people away from the land to wander in the wilderness where they continued in their disbelief and sin against a good, loving, and holy God.

    Big Picture Question

    What is God like? 

    Answer: God is holy, good, and loving.

    Scripture Memory Verse

    Exodus 15:11

    Lord, who is like you among the gods? Who is like you, glorious in holiness, revered with praises, performing wonders? 

    Abbreviated for young kids: 

    Lord...Who is like you, glorious in holiness, revered with praises, performing wonders? 

  • God Deserves Our Worship

    Watch the Bible story video or read all or parts of Leviticus 1-4 from the Bible.

    READ:  If you were going to cook dinner for your family, you’d probably have the most success if you followed a recipe. A recipe tells you exactly what ingredients you need, how much of each ingredient you need, and the correct order and way to add each ingredient to the dish. The recipe helps you to serve a meal that tastes the way everyone expects it to taste. 

    God gave the Israelites rules for how they should worship and what to do when they sinned. These rules were like a recipe that made the Israelites’ worship pleasing and acceptable to God. The Israelites were commanded to worship God through offerings and sacrifices. The offerings helped the Israelites to celebrate God and give Him thanks. They also helped the Israelites to praise God for everything He had done to save His people.

    One of the most important ways the Israelites were commanded to worship was through the sin offering. Because sin must be punished, the sin offering required the Israelites to sacrifice an animal. This sacrifice could not fully cover the penalty of sin, so more sacrifices had to be made. It was a sad reminder of the ongoing consequences of sin.

    The people continued to worship God through their offerings, but no offering or sacrifice was enough to save them. Only Jesus—the perfect Lamb of God—could pay the penalty for sin. His death was a once-and-for-all sacrifice, and faith in Him is the only recipe for salvation.

    God deserves our worship. He created us to be in a relationship with Him, and He has provided salvation from sin through His Son, Jesus. We can worship God by loving and obeying Him as we live to give Him glory.

    PRAY:  God, You are worthy of worship. Thank You for giving us many ways to worship You. Help us give You the praise You deserve and help us to glorify You with our lives.

  • The People Built the Tabernacle

    Watch the Bible story video or read all or parts of Exodus 35–40 from the Bible.

    READ:  The Royal Standard is a unique flag that lets people know the location of the Queen of England. The flag is used to let the locals know that their queen is near them. When she is staying in Buckingham Palace, the flag flies over the palace to show that she is home. When she travels, the flag is flown over the car, plane, or other home for however long she is there. When she leaves, the flag is lowered and goes with her to the next location. With a flag that always tells people where she is, it doesn’t sound like the queen would be good at hide-and-seek. 

    When the Israelites left Egypt, God went with His people. Like the Royal Standard that shows the queen’s presence, God made His presence known by leading the people with a cloud by day and fire by night. God desired to dwell with His people, so He gaveMoses instructions for building the tabernacle. This tent would be God’s home to dwell among His people. 

    Wherever they traveled, the Israelites would set up the tabernacle in the center of camp as a powerful reminder that God was with His people. God has always wanted to be with His people. Even when sin separated Adam and Eve from God in the garden, God had a plan to be with His people. God sent His son, Jesus, to live on earth with the people. Through Jesus, all who believe can be reunited with God, and one day they will dwell with Him for all eternity. 

    God told the Israelites to build a tabernacle where He would dwell with them. God wants to be with His people. As part of His plan to save sinners, God sent Jesus to dwell on earth with people. 

    PRAY:  God, thank You for loving us with an everlasting love and always wanting to be with Your people. Even though people chose to sin against You, You sent Jesus to dwell with people. Help us trust in Him so that we can have a new life and dwell with You  forever.

  • The People Worshiped a Golden Calf

    Watch the Bible story video or read all or parts of Exodus 32–34 from the Bible.

    READ:  The average person will spend 52 days of his or her life waiting in line. That’s a lot of waiting. We don’t enjoy waiting in line at the store, waiting on our food to be ready, and waiting on our sister to get out of the bathroom. The worst is waiting on someone to help us do something that we really want to do for ourselves. Waiting makes us impatient and frustrated, which often leads us to say or do things we shouldn’t. 

    This was exactly the case for the Israelites. God led His people into the wilderness, but He did not leave them there alone. He was there with them. He provided food and water to satisfy them. But when Moses went up on the mountain and did not return for several weeks, the people felt abandoned. Instead of trusting God and being patient, they decided to make something new to worship.

    When God saw what they were doing, He wanted to destroy the people. It may sound harsh, but God had every right to do so. They took the worship that belonged to God—the One who saved them from Egypt—and gave it to a golden cow.

    The Israelites deserved to be punished for their sin against God, but Moses asked God to forgive the people. In the same way, we deserve to be punished for our sin, but God has made forgiveness available through Jesus.

    Moses acted as the people’s mediator, standing for them before God. Moses could not do anything to make up for their sin, but we have a better Mediator—Jesus. Jesus paid for our sin on the cross and stands for us before God. When we trust in Jesus, our sins are forgiven.

    PRAY:  God, forgive us for seeing other things as more important than You. Help us remember Your faithfulness and help us keep You first in our lives. Thank You for Jesus and for His sacrifice to save people from their sins.

  • God Gave the Ten Commandments

    Watch the Bible story video or read all or parts of Exodus 19–20 from the Bible.

    READ:  Have you ever played a game with someone who added rules to the game or changed them as the game went on? Without knowing the rules, you can’t know when you do something wrong or why you might get penalized. It’s also not fair if the rules change and other players get a chance that you didn’t get. It can be very frustrating not knowing the rules. You just wish you knew what is required in order to win the game.

    God gave the Israelites the Ten Commandments to help them know what is required for a person to be righteous. Everyone had the same commandments, and they didn’t change. The first four commandments showed the Israelites what it meant to love God and how to have a right relationship with Him. The other six commandments taught the Israelites how to live with and love others.

    God’s rules are good and are meant to help us love Him, love others, and live a life that is righteous. There was one big problem though. None of the Israelites—and none of us for that matter—could ever perfectly follow those rules. The Bible is clear that we all sin and fall short of God’s standard for holiness. Our obedience can’t save us.

    Instead, salvation is found in Jesus alone, the only perfectly righteous One. He takes away the sin of anyone who believes and welcomes him or her into God’s family. To those who believe in Him, Jesus gives power through the Holy Spirit to “love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind” and to “love your neighbor as yourself” (Matthew 22:37-39).

    God’s law shows us what He requires. Our sin separates us from a holy God, but Jesus came to bring us back to God. When we trust in Jesus, He takes away our sin and gives us His perfect righteousness.

    PRAY:  God, thank You for giving us the commandments to show us what it means to live a righteous life. We all sin and fail to live in perfect obedience, but You loved us and sent Jesus to bring us to You. We praise You for crediting His righteousness to all who believe in Him.

  • God Provided Manna

    Watch the Bible story video or read all or parts of Exodus 16–17 from the Bible.

    READ:  Did you know the Guinness World Records book has records for foods? For instance, the largest chocolate peanut butter cup is more than 440 pounds. The longest rolled fruit snack was as long as a football field at 300 feet long. In 2011, the largest hamburger for sale was created in California and weighed 777 pounds. Here’s the catch: Guinness World Record rules state that the food created for any world record cannot be thrown out and must be eaten by the public. Can you imagine trying to eat that much food?

    When the Israelites crossed the Red Sea, they started complaining to Moses because they had nothing to eat and nothing to drink. They probably would have loved to have a bite of that 777-pound hamburger, wouldn’t they? But God gave them something greater than a hamburger. God heard their cries, so He gave the Israelites quail every evening and manna every morning.

    Manna was a special bread that symbolized God’s faithfulness to meet the needs of His people. God gave the Israelites instructions for when to collect the manna and how much to eat. God provided this flaky bread every morning for 40 years. That equals out to more than 7,000 gallons of manna per person. Now that should be in the Guinness Book of World Records.

    God provided water and manna for His people’s physical hunger. Later, He provided His Son, Jesus, for our spiritual hunger. The Israelites needed bread to live for a little while, but whoever has Jesus will live forever.

    PRAY:  God, You are faithful to meet our needs. You knew that our greatest need was to be rescued from sin. You sent Jesus from heaven to meet our needs and to give eternal life to everyone who believes in Him. 


    Through a series of miracles, God had delivered His people from bondage in Egypt. The Israelites headed into the wilderness on their way to the land of promise. Their journey, however, was not just to move them from one place to another; it was also to be a time when their hearts were to be moved in worship for their God, their true Rescuer.

    Big Picture Question

    What is worship?

    Answer: Worship is celebrating the greatness of God.

    Scripture Memory Verse

    Psalm 95:6-7

    Come, let’s worship and bow down; let’s kneel before the Lord our Maker. For he is our God, and we are the people of his pasture, the sheep under his care. 

    Abbreviated for young kids: 

    Come, let’s worship and bow down; let’s kneel before the Lord our Maker.  Psalm 95:6

  • God Keeps His Promises

    Watch the Bible story video or read all or parts of Isaiah 9 from the Bible.

    READ:  In 1969, the Baltimore Colts were highly favored to win Super Bowl III over the New York Jets. Even though his team was the underdog, Jets quarterback Joe Namath guaranteed that his team would win the Super Bowl. It was a bold promise to make, but the Jets did in fact defeat the Colts by a score of 16-7. Joe Namath became famously known as Broadway Joe—the quarterback who made a guarantee and then delivered.

    As we read the Bible, we see that God is a promise maker. Even in the garden where Adam and Eve chose to sin and ruined their relationship with their Creator, God guaranteed that a Rescuer would come to battle the serpent and ultimately defeat sin.

    Throughout the Old Testament, God continued to remind His people about the promise of a Savior. The prophet Isaiah spoke about a Messiah to be born of a virgin and a king coming from the family of David. Isaiah spoke of how the Messiah would suffer, but also how his suffering would bring peace. For those waiting on a Messiah, Isaiah was giving hope that God would soon deliver on His promise.

    Hundreds of years later, Jesus was born of a virgin, born into the family of David, and suffered on the cross to bring peace between God and all who believe. Jesus was the fulfillment of all Isaiah’s prophecies, and He is the fulfillment of God’s promise to send a rescuer. Not only is God a promise maker, but He is also a promise keeper. When God makes a guarantee, we can always trust that He will deliver.

    God keeps His promises. He remembered His promise to send a Rescuer and sent His Son, Jesus, into the world as a baby. Jesus grew up and provided salvation for sinners by dying on the cross and rising from the dead.

    PRAY:  God, You are faithful in everything. We can trust You because You always do what You say You will do. We praise You for sending Jesus as Savior and as the fulfillment of Your greatest promise.

  • God Parted the Red Sea

    Watch the Bible story video or read all or parts of Exodus 13-15 from the Bible.

    READ:  The Bible tells us that the Israelites were in Egypt for 430 years and that about 600,000 men left with Moses. If we add to that number the women, children, and other Egyptians who wanted to be a part of the Israelites, we can estimate that more than 2 million Israelites left Egypt. That’s equal to the population of Chicago, Illinois—the third largest city in the United States.

    Now think about all those people crossing the Red Sea on dry land while God held back the water. How amazing it must have been to see a whole city of people walking through the middle of those walls of water. Once again, God had demonstrated His power over creation and over the enemy so that His people could be free.

    The Bible describes how our sin has made us enemies of God, but it also shares God’s plan to rescue those who believe. Ephesians 2:4-5 says, “But God, who is rich in mercy, because of his great love that he had for us, made us alive with Christ even though we were dead in trespasses. You are saved by grace!”

    When there was no way out and all hope seemed to be lost, God provided a way for the Israelites to be free. Likewise, when we were lost in our sin and without any hope of saving ourselves, God sent Jesus to rescue us from sin.

    Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt, and God provided a way for them to escape through the Red Sea. The Bible says that Jesus is greater than Moses. (Hebrews 3:3) People who trust in Jesus escape the penalty of sin and have eternal life.

    PRAY:  God, thank You for showing us Your great power through the story of the Red Sea crossing and through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Help us to believe in Your power to save and to know Jesus as the Savior who offers us new life with You.

  • God Delivered His People

    Watch the Bible story video or read all or parts of Exodus 5-12 from the Bible.

    READ:  Do you know about foreshadowing? Even if you don’t know what it is, you’ve probably noticed it in your favorite books or movies. Foreshadowing is when a writer uses an event—typically early in the story—to give you a hint of something very important that will happen later in the story. Did you know that God also gave us this kind of hint in His story?

    The plagues God sent on Egypt were powerful, but the tenth and final plague was the most devastating. Every firstborn son in Egypt died. However, God provided a way for the Israelites to be saved from the plague. He told them to sacrifice a lamb and place the blood of the lamb on the doorposts of their house. When God’s angel saw the blood, He would pass over the house and not bring judgment on those inside.

    Can you see the foreshadowing hint that God gave us through this story? The lamb’s blood was placed vertically on the posts of the door and horizontally on the lintel of the door. The combination of these motions helps us to see the cross. Through God’s saving of the Israelites, He points us all to Jesus—the perfect Lamb who was sent to save us from sin!

    Like the blood of the lamb that saved the Israelites, Jesus shed his blood for us. It is His sacrifice that allows the judgment of God to pass over all who believe. John the Baptist understood this to be true when he said, “Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!”

    By His grace, God spared the Israelites from judgment by requiring the blood of a lamb. Jesus is the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world. His death was the ultimate sacrifice, and those who trust in Jesus are under His saving blood and will be passed over in the final judgment.

    PRAY:  God, thank You for Your Word and how every story points us to Jesus. Thank You that through Jesus’ sacrifice, we do not have to face the punishment for our sin. Help us know Jesus and trust in Him as our hope and salvation.

  • God Called Moses

    Watch the Bible story video or read all or parts of Exodus 1-4 from the Bible.

    READ:  In 1939, DC Comics introduced a character that would become quite famous: Batman. Batman fought crime and enforced justice for the people of Gotham City. Whenever the peace of Gotham was disturbed by criminals, the bat signal would light up the night sky, calling for Batman to come to the rescue. 

    As we open the Book of Exodus, we see God speaking to Moses—not through a bat signal but through a burning bush that never burned up. Why would God use such a dramatic sign to get Moses’ attention? Because He was calling Moses to something amazing and possibly frightening: to rescue His people from slavery in Egypt. 

    In Exodus 3:10, God said to Moses, “Therefore, go. I am sending you to Pharaoh so that you may lead my people, the Israelites, out of Egypt.” God promised to be with Moses and to supply the power he needed to free the Israelites. 

    God saved Moses’ life and called him to rescue God’s people from slavery. The calling of Moses points to a greater calling and rescue—the call of Jesus to come to earth to save God’s people. Jesus gave up His life to save us from slavery to sin.

    We all love a good rescue story like the ones from comic books, but the story of Jesus’ rescue for sinners is 100% true and even more amazing! 

    PRAY:  God, we praise You because You are great. We see Your great power in the way that You used Moses to rescue the Israelites, and we see Your great love to send Jesus to rescue us from sin. Help us trust that You will be with us and give us the power we need to do what You call us to do.


    Many years had passed since God used Joseph to rescue His people from a famine by bringing them into Egypt. Now, however, God's people were in bondage and needed to be rescued. God raised up a new rescuer, Moses, to deliver his people out of Egypt and lead them back to the promised land.

    Big Picture Question

    Does God keep His promises?

    Answer: Yes, God always keeps his promises because He is faithful.

    Scripture Memory Verse

    Numbers 23:19

    God is not a man, that he might lie, or a son of man, that he might change his mind. Does he speak and not act, or promise and not fulfill?

    Abbreviated for young kids: 

    God keeps His promises.


From Creation to Chaos

units 1-3   |   Fall 2023

  • God Had a Plan for Joseph

    Watch the Bible story video or read all or parts of Genesis 37-50 from the Bible.  

    READ:  The movie Despicable Me introduces the villain Gru, who is on a mission to shrink and steal the moon. Gru’s despicable plan includes stealing a shrink ray by adopting three orphans and using them to sneak into the base where the ray is kept. But Grus plan backfires as he falls in love with the three girls who have joined his family. Gru’s plan actually led to a happy ending and a happy family.

    The story of Joseph is not exactly like Despicable Me, but the whole episode does end with a happy ending and a happy family. After Joseph is placed in charge of the food supplies in Egypt, his brothers came to buy food so that they could survive. Because Pharaoh had placed Joseph in charge, Joseph was able to save the lives of his family and all the people of Israel. Even though the story began with an evil plan, God used Joseph to save his entire family from a famine.

    After the family had settled safely in Egypt, Joseph told his brothers, “You planned evil against me; God planned it for good to bring about the present result—the survival of many people.” (Genesis 50:20). Joseph’s life points us to Jesus as the greater rescuer. Jesus was hated by others. He was treated unfairly. He was punished for sins He did not commit. But every event of Jesus’ life—even His death—was part of God’s plan to save people from their sin. For those who believe in Jesus, His story has the happiest ending of all.

    God had a plan for Joseph’s life. He allowed Joseph to suffer to rescue a whole nation. In a greater way, God planned for Jesus to suffer so that many—people from all nations—would be saved from sin.

    PRAY:  God, thank You that we can trust You in every situation—good and bad. We know that You are always in control and nothing can stop You from doing what You have planned. Thank You for using Jesus’ death to bring forgiveness and eternal life to all who believe.

  • God Changed Jacob

    Watch the Bible story video or read all or parts of Genesis 32:1 - 33:20 from the Bible.  

    READ:  Have you ever been afraid because you felt like a duck was watching you? If so, you suffer from Anatidaephobia , which is the scientific name for that fear. And did you know that Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia is the fear of really, really long words? It’s just cruel to give that fear such a long name. 

    The truth is that we all have fears—some that might seem silly like these, and some that are very, very real. This week, we learned that Jacob’s biggest fear was meeting his brother Esau again after hiding from him for twenty years. After all of Jacob’s lies and tricks, and Esau’s threats to kill him, Jacob’s fears were not silly at all.

    As he prepared to meet Esau, Jacob prayed to God for protection. That night, a mysterious man wrestled with Jacob for hours. Although the man was stronger than Jacob, Jacob prevailed. Finally, at daybreak, the man wounded Jacob’s side and then God blessed Jacob and changed his name to Israel. God changed Jacob’s name, but even more, He changed his heart. From that moment on, Jacob would look more to God for help than rely on himself.

    The limp that Jacob had for the rest of his life was a gracious reminder of his need to do this. When Jacob cried out to God, God was there to help. Like God was there for Jacob, He is here for us. We do not have to fear the punishment of sin because Jesus has died in our place and paid that punishment. When we trust in Jesus, God forgives us and gives us a new identity. From that moment on, we live as chosen, forgiven, and loved children of God.

    God changed Jacob’s life and gave him a new name, Israel. Jesus came so that we might have a changed life, forgiven of sin. Jesus’ death and resurrection provided sinful people the way to be adopted into God’s family. When we trust in Jesus, we also receive a new name—children of God.

    PRAY: God, thank You for loving us even though we do not deserve it. You sent Jesus to die in our place so that we could be forgiven and accepted into Your family. Help us to trust in Jesus so that we can live with the new identity that You want us to have.

  • God Provided Isaac

    Watch the Bible story video or read all or parts of Genesis 21:1-7 and 22:1-18 from the Bible.  

    READ:  Do you have a favorite toy or stuffed animal that you would never want to give away? Parents, do you have a favorite item—cellphone, TV, a car—that you would never want to lose or be without?

    What if God asked you to give up that special item and never use it again? We can all thank God for giving us the things that we love, but we would likely be pretty upset if He asked us to give up something so valuable or special.

    That’s why Abraham’s trust and obedience are even more remarkable. When God tested Abraham’s love, Abraham was faithful to do what God said—even the unthinkable assignment of sacrificing his son. Even in such a hard moment, Abraham trusted and obeyed God. 

    Abraham led Isaac up the mountain toward the place where the sacrifice would be made. As Abraham prepared to do what God had told Him to do, he was suddenly stopped by the angel of the Lord and he saw that God had provided a ram to sacrifice instead of his son, Isaac. 

    Abraham’s obedience showed how much he loved God, but God showed us an even greater love by sending His Son to die for us. Like the ram that God provided to save Isaac’ s life and die in his place, God provided Jesus to save sinners like us. God sent His only Son to be our substitute and die for us. When we trust in Jesus and what He has done for us, we receive forgiveness and eternal life through Him.

    Abraham showed his love for God by being willing to sacrifice his son Isaac. God provided a ram instead. This is how God showed His love for us: He sent His Son, Jesus, to die on the cross so that we could have eternal life through Him.

    PRAY: God, we thank You for loving us and giving Your son to save us. Because You love us, we want to show our love for You by trusting and obeying You no matter what. Help us to obey You so that others can see how much we love You and how much You love us.

  • Melchizedek Blessed Abraham

    Watch the Bible story video or read all or parts of Genesis 14:1-24 from the Bible.

    READ:  The next time you’re in the car, try to count how many road signs you see. It will be a lot because they’re everywhere! Drivers are required to pay attention to these signs and to know the message each sign communicates. Road signs are there to help you notice what you might otherwise miss. 

    As we read our Bibles, God has placed signs everywhere that are meant to draw our attention to Jesus. Long before Jesus was born, God gave us pictures of what Jesus would be like and what He would do. God did not want us to miss seeing Jesus as the hero of the story!

    God placed one of these signs in the story of Abraham. After Abraham fought to rescue his nephew Lot, he was visited by a man named Melchizedek. Melchizedek was the King of Salem, and the Bible says he was also “Priest of God Most High.” Melchizedek blessed Abraham, and then he pretty much disappeared from the story of the Bible. 

    These short verses that introduce us to Melchizedek are a sign meant to point us to Jesus—the better King and greater Priest! The book of Hebrews says that Jesus is the “high priest we need: holy, innocent, undefiled, separated from sinners, and exalted above the heavens.” (Hebrews 7:26) Jesus gave Himself as the perfect sacrifice for our sins. Through faith in Him, we can have forgiveness and eternal life.

    Melchizedek means “king of righteousness.” Melchizedek reminds us of Jesus, an even greater priest and king who lives forever. Jesus died on the cross and rose again to bless all who trust in Him by providing forgiveness and eternal life.

    PRAY: God, thank You for all the signs that point us to Jesus. He is better than anything else. Help us to trust in Jesus and help our lives to be a sign that points others to Him.

  • God Made a Covenant with Abraham

    Watch the Bible story video or read all or parts of Genesis 12:1-9 from the Bible.

    READ:  Who is your favorite athlete? Your favorite athlete is probably a star player on your favorite team or someone who is one of the best in the world in your favorite sport. Few people, probably, have a favorite athlete who sits on the bench and never plays or is way far down on the list of top players in the world. Why would someone choose an athlete like that?

    When God chose Abraham and promised to make his family as big as there are stars in the sky, it seemed like an odd choice. At this point, Abraham was an old man who didn’t have any children. How would Abraham be the father of a great nation? Why would God choose someone like that?

    Abraham did not seem like the best choice to carry out God’s plan, but God’s plan did not depend on Abraham’s ability. This plan was up to God, and it could not fail because God is faithful and true. He will always do what He says He will do. And God can do what no person can do.

    God chose Abraham because He is the God who makes all things possible. God showed His faithfulness and power by giving Abraham and Sarah a son when they were almost 100 years old! Through that son, God built the nation of Israel, His chosen people. From this nation, just as God had promised, Jesus was born.

    God is faithful. He will always keep His promises. First John 1:9 says, “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” God kept His promise to bless the world through Abraham, and He will keep His promise to save all who believe in Jesus. 

    God promised to bless all the world through Abraham. God sent Jesus from His home in heaven to be born on earth into Abraham’s family. Through Jesus, all the nations of the earth are blessed because Jesus saves people from their sins.

    PRAY:  God, all things are possible with You. You are faithful and we can trust You to always keep Your promises. Help us to trust You more and to know all the ways You have blessed the world through Jesus. 


    God’s solution for sin, which He promised in Eden, became clearer when God made a covenant with Abraham. God promised to bring the Rescuer through Abraham’s family. This family was far from perfect and endured great adversity, but through it all, God remained faithful, revealing that nothing could stop His plan.

    Big Picture Question

    Who is in control of everything?

    Answer: God is in control of everything. 

    Scripture Memory Verse

    Younger Kids: Psalm 135:6

    The LORD does whatever he pleases in heaven and on earth, in the seas and all the depths.

    Older Kids:  Psalm 135:5-6

    For I know that the LORD is great; our Lord is greater than all gods. The LORD does whatever he pleases in heaven and on earth, in the seas and all the depths.

  • People Rebel Against God

    Watch the Bible story video or read all or parts of Genesis 11:1-9 from the Bible.

    READ:  A polyglot is someone who can speak fluently in multiple languages. The world record was held by Powell Janulus, a Canadian polyglot who spoke 42 languages. That’s impressive, but still a long way from knowing the roughly 6,500 different languages spoken in the world. Have you ever wondered where all those languages came from? 

    After the flood, God had told Noah and his family to “be fruitful and increase in number and fill the whole earth.” (Genesis 9:1) This was the same command that God had given to Adam and Eve. Even though the world was starting over in a way after the flood, God’s plans had not changed. 

    As the number of people grew, they disobeyed God’s command to spread out and fill the whole earth. Instead, they clumped together and decided to build a tower to show how great they were. 

    The people of Babel seemed to be accomplishing some amazing things, but these accomplishments actually showed how sinful their hearts had become once again. In the garden, Eve believed the lie that the fruit would make her like God. The people of Babel believed their tower would make them as great as God. The people wanted glory for themselves, but all glory belongs to God. 

    So, God mixed up the words of the people so that they spoke in different languages. The different languages made it impossible for them to continue building, so they spread out across the world as God had originally commanded. The many languages of our world are a reminder that God is great, and all glory belongs to Him! 

    People wanted glory for themselves instead of God. They ignored God’s plan, so God confused their language and scattered them all over the earth. One day, Jesus will gather together all of God’s people—from every tribe and language—and they will worship Him together.

    PRAY:   God, all glory belongs to You. Help us to honor You in everything we say and do. We look forward to the day when people of every language will know You and worship You together.

  • God Spared Noah

    Watch the Bible story video or read all or parts of Genesis 6-10 from the Bible.

    READ:  When God told Noah to build a big boat called an ark, it must have seemed like a pretty challenging command. The ark Noah was to build was going to be huge. And he had to build this giant boat with just the help of his family. That’s a lot of work that would take a long time. 

    But there was a reason for it all. God was ready to send out His punishment for the sin that had spread across the whole world. Everything had been infected by sin, and therefore everything would be destroyed. Everything, that is, except Noah, his family, and the animals inside the ark. Because they were inside the ark, they were saved from the flood. God showed His overwhelming love and kindness by giving them this way to be saved from the punishment of sin. And he showed other people the same kind of kindness by giving them the opportunity to turn from their sin while Noah took all of that time to build the ark.

    God has shown us the same overwhelming love by sending Jesus to save us from our sin. Romans 8:1 says, “There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” We can escape God’s judgment against sin only through faith in Jesus Christ. Like Noah and his family found safety inside the ark, we find our hope and salvation in Jesus.

    God rescued Noah and his family from the flood. The story of Noah points ahead to a greater rescue. God’s Son, Jesus—the only perfectly righteous One—came to take the punishment for our sin. By trusting in Him, we are saved from the punishment our sin deserves.

    PRAY:  God, You promised Noah safety in the ark, and You promise us eternal salvation in Jesus. Help us to remember that You always keep Your promises.

  • Sin Spread to People

    Watch the Bible story video or read all or parts of Genesis 4-5 from the Bible.

    READ:  Genes are the parts of a person’s DNA that determine things like hair color, eye color, height, or whether we’ll be allergic to cats! Half of a person’s 20,000 genes come from the mother and the other half come from the father. When Adam and Eve had children, they passed down more than just the color of their hair and eyes and how tall they would be. Adam and Eve passed down their sin and all the consequences to their children. It didn’t take long for the effect of sin to be seen in the lives of their sons, Cain and Abel.

    As the two boys made offerings to God, God showed favor to Abel’s sacrifice. The sin in Cain caused him to become furious. God had not responded the way Cain thought or wanted God to respond. God warned Cain not to let the power of sin rule over him, but sin continued to have power over Cain. Just as sin had caused their parents to blame one another in the garden, Cain became jealous of Abel and turned his anger towards his brother. The anger grew until Cain attacked and killed Abel.

    Romans 6:23 says, “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” When sin rules, as it did in Cain, the consequence is death. But God has provided salvation through Jesus. The power of sin has been broken for all who believe in His perfect life, death, and resurrection. When Christ rules, the gift is eternal life!

    Adam and Eve’s sin and its consequences spread to all of their descendants. But God did not forget His promise to send a Rescuer. At just the right time, God would send His Son to save sinners.

    PRAY:  God, thank You for remembering Your promise to send a Savior. Give us strength to live in a world broken by sin, and help us to believe in Jesus so that we can experience eternal life with You.

  • Sin Entered the World

    Watch the Bible story video or read all or parts of Genesis 3 from the Bible.

    READ:  Did you know that it is against the law for anyone to use a fork to eat fried chicken in Gainesville, Georgia? There is also a law in Arkansas that says alligators cannot be kept in your bathtub! Where are we supposed to keep our alligators then?

    These are real laws, but they’re obviously very silly rules that aren’t necessary. When God gave Adam and Eve the rule not to eat the fruit of one tree, it wasn’t a silly rule though. God gave that rule so that Adam and Eve could continue to enjoy an amazing relationship with Him.

    Even though God had provided everything they needed, Adam and Eve believed the lie that maybe there was something better. So, they ate the fruit and disobeyed God. Instead of finding something better, Adam and Eve lost the perfect world God had created for them. They were cast out of the garden and forced to live in a world broken by sin.

    When Adam and Eve broke that rule, sin broke their relationship with God. From that moment on, all people became sinners who are separated from God. We live in a world that is noticeably broken by sin. Like Adam and Eve, we are guilty of choosing our own way instead of God’s way.

    But God still loves us! The whole Bible points us to Jesus as the promised Savior who would save sinners. Through faith in Jesus, we can once again have an amazing relationship with God that will last forever and ever.

    Ever since Adam and Eve sinned, all people have been born as sinners. Sin separates us from God, but God still loves us. God promised a Rescuer would come from Eve’s family. God sent His Son, Jesus, to rescue people from sin and bring them back to God.

    PRAY:  God, help us to see that Your rules are perfect and for our good. We have all sinned and disobeyed You. Sin has broken our relationship with You, but we thank You for sending Jesus as the Savior we need. Help us to trust in Him so that we can experience the relationship we were created to have with You.


    Everything was perfect when God created it, but it didn’t stay that way. Adam and Eve rebelled against God. From that time on, creation was ruined and everyone has been born a sinner. But God would not leave people to remain dead in sin. He would provide the solution for sin: His Son, Jesus Christ.

    Big Picture Question: What does it mean to sin? 

    Kids Answer: To sin is to think, speak, or behave in any way that goes against God and His commands.

    Preschool Answer: We sin when we disobey God. / To sin is to go against God and His commands.

    Scripture Memory Verse: Romans 3:23

    For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

  • Lesson 3: Creation Glorifies God

    Watch the Bible story video or read all or parts of Psalm 19 from the Bible.

    READ:  Our planet, Earth, is part of the Milky Way Galaxy. The Milky Way Galaxy is 588 quadrillion miles wide and it’s filled with billions of stars. So many stars that if you counted one star per second, it would take you 2,500 years to finish counting them all! Even more amazing is the fact that our God put every star in its place, and He knows them all by name! And this is just one galaxy of an estimated 125 billion galaxies in the universe!

    God created all of this—everything—out of nothing. The Sun, moon, stars, planets, and everything we can see on Earth—He created all of it. And He created it so that we could see His awesomeness and worship Him. In Psalm 19, David reminds us that the heavens and the skies are showing us the glory of God. They are shouting out a message to the whole world that there is a Creator God and He is big, He is powerful, He is creative, and He is awesome!

    God’s glory can be seen all around us through the world that He created, but there’s an even greater way we see God’s awesomeness. Romans 5:8 says, “But God proves His own love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” The awesome God who created this huge universe loves you. He loves you enough that he would send Jesus to save sinners and offer eternal life to all who believe in Him.

    All of creation displays the glory of God—how great He is—although not perfectly. The perfect revelation of God’s glory is found in Jesus, who came to show us exactly what God is like. Because Jesus is God, He is the perfect display of God’s glory.

    PRAY:  God, You are awesome! Everything in Your creation is showing us how great You are. Most of all, you have shown us Your great love through Jesus, who is the perfect picture of Your glory! We give You all the praise and all the glory, because You are worthy of it all.

  • Lesson 2: God Created People

    Watch the Bible story video or read all or parts of Genesis 1:26-31 and 2:15-25 from the Bible.

    READ:  More than half—56% to be exact—of adults in the United States still have their favorite stuffed animal from childhood. The love for these cotton-filled animals is so great that many adults still sleep with them! When we love a stuffed animal, we take extra special care of it and we want to have it near us at all times. Do you have a favorite stuffed animal?

    As a child might choose a teddy bear to be his favorite, God made people and loved them more than any other part of His creation. Because He loved Adam and Eve, God took special care of them by providing food from the trees and a river for water. He gave them everything they needed.

    Most importantly, God showed His love for people by creating them to have a relationship with Him. God walked and talked with Adam and Eve in the garden. God created people to know Him and love Him forever. Even when sin broke this relationship, God would show how much He loves people by sending Jesus to make a way for us to be with Him again.

    God created people in His own image and provides for everything He made. People are special because God made people to live forever in a relationship with Him. Through His Son, Jesus, we can have eternal life with God just as He planned.

    PRAY:  God, thank You for creating people and providing everything we need. You made us with the ability to know You and love You. Help us to trust in Jesus so that we can know You and have eternal life with You.


    Watch the Bible story video or read all or parts of Genesis 1:1-25 from the Bible.

    READ: Did you know that the largest animal that has ever lived is the Blue Whale? Its body weight is heavier than even the largest dinosaur ever discovered! The Blue Whale is enormous— measuring up to 110 feet long and weighing over 200 tons! It would take 2,200 pounds of food to fill a blue whale’s stomach, and they can eat more than 3 ½ times a day! That’s more than 8,000 pounds of food. Imagine that grocery bill!

    In the Bible story this week, we learned that God created everything, and everything brings Him glory. The blue whale is a good example of just how amazing God is. As big as blue whales are, they remind us that God is even bigger. God is bigger, stronger, and greater than anything else.

    In Genesis 1 we see that God created everything out of nothing and He created everything just by speaking it into existence. So God said, “Tree,” and there was a tree! God said, “Bird,” and there was a bird. God said, “Blue whale,” and there was a huge blue whale. That’s amazing, isn’t it?

    But do you know what is most amazing of all? Everything God created was good. God made everything just as He wanted it to be. Every part of creation exists to bring glory to God! The trees, the birds, the blue whales—everything.

    Jesus is Lord over all of creation. The Son has always existed. The Bible says everything was created by Him and for Him, and He holds everything together. All of creation exists to bring God glory.

    PRAY: God, thank You for creating everything. You made everything good so that we can see how wonderful you are. Help us to see Your glory all around us so that we love you more.


    The story begins with God creating everything from nothing. Of all of God’s perfect creation, people were most special, alone being made in God’s image. All that God created was created to reveal God’s glory—how amazing He is.

    Big Picture Question: Why did God create everything? 

    Answer: God created everything for His glory and our good.

    Scripture Memory Verse: Psalm 19:1

    The heavens declare the glory of God, and the expanse proclaims the work of his hands.