EPC Re-Opening Plan

Hi Family,
We pray this letter finds you well trusting in the grace and mercy of our good God.
In the last few weeks, news broke that the CDC has loosened up its guidelines as it relates to COVID-19 safety protocols. In the interest of the congregation’s safety, we have been closely monitoring and adhering to the Governors' Executive Orders as well as CDC recommendations for preventing coronavirus infections.
As of May 13th, the CDC has eliminated the caution for vaccinated individuals to wear masks and or social distance, both in outdoor and indoor situations. Essentially, if you are fully vaccinated you have no governmental restrictions or cautions (except in highly populated places). However, the CDC has recommended that unvaccinated individuals still wear masks and social distance, for their protection against contracting coronavirus.
What does that mean for EPC? Well in light of these new guidelines, we are excited to announce plans to move back to some sense of normalcy in our ministry practice. On June 20th, we will disband the A/B groups and invite all people willing to attend to in-person worship. The pews will be returned to their normal positions and the blue tape will be removed.
We are thrilled with this development but want to still remain cautious and sensitive to those who choose not to or are not yet vaccinated. Particularly children, who were just approved for vaccinations. Therefore, we will hold off on making any changes to our mask policy until July 11th, at which time we will make mask-wearing optional. Until then, we do ask everyone to please continue to wear masks while singing and moving around the building. 

Here are some items to note:
The church will continue to offer the Livestream for those unable or uncomfortable with attending in-person at this time. 
The plan is to open back up the nursery on June 20th as well. Details regarding the nursery procedures are forthcoming. 
Sunday School
Sunday School will remain postponed until August 22nd. This will give us time to ramp up our volunteers as well as give everyone adequate time to prepare for that adjustment.
Family, this has been a difficult year in more ways than we can express. But through it all God has remained faithful and has preserved us through the valley. Things have changed. New practices and habits have formed. Some good, some not so much. But God is not through with us yet and there are more pages to be written. And while the end of the story has been penned and established in Christ, the journey to get there is still ongoing. Let us be thankful for the lessons God has taught us on this last stretch of highway. Brothers and sisters, you can be sure there are more valleys to travel through, bumps in the road to hit, obstacles to navigate. But let us set this up as an Ebenezer (memory stones) to remind us that our God is a keeper. He is a God who promises to bring us through the trials and to get us home to where we need to be.

EPC Elders